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Visual Field Analysis


• To diagnose and detect diseases as well as extent of damage caused in VF by the disease

• To locate possible lesion in neurological disorder

 • To find out the progression of diseases



 • Confrontation

 • Amsler Grid

 • PERIMETRY :Examine and quantify VF by stimulus of various size, intensity and colour.


What is visual field analysis?

A visual field analysis measures your central and peripheral vision which shows us how wide an area your eye can see. It is a very important diagnostic tool in evaluating patients with various eye conditions such as Glaucoma.

It is the gold standard in visual field equipment and is used in most hospital eye services.

There are various types of visual field tests that can be carried out using the Humphrey, from visual field screening to full-threshold testing which can detect even the slightest drop in sensitivity or reach of your visual field.

What does the test involve?

  • One eye is tested at a time

  • You will be asked to focus on a central orange light throughout the test

  • The machine will then flash blinking white lights in various positions in your visual field and you will press a button to let us know when you have seen the light.

  • All the information will be collated and your Optometrist will interpret the results right away


Who should have a Visual field analysis?

Many ocular conditions are diagnosed only if there is a change in your visual field and as such,it is important to have a baseline assessment for comparison. If your Optometrist feels that you will need an assessment, they will certainly suggest it to you.

If you have been diagnosed with Glaucoma, Ocular Hypertension or have a strong family history of Glaucoma, then a visual field analysis is an important part of your annual assessment.

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